Tradition & Passion

Stephan Leitzinger opened his workshop for woodwinds in 1989.

We are Leitzinger

Stephan Leitzinger

Master maker of woodwind instruments

Stephan Leitzinger learned his craft as a teenager from his father and graduated from his apprenticeship at the company Wilhelm Heckel, Wiesbaden, after years of training as an instrument builder.

After many years of dedicated work at Heckel, he continued his work in France and learned the refinements of the French instrument building in Paris.

In 1989 Stephan started his own workshop and since then, has dedicated his time to successfully build his own bocals and bassoons.

Martina Leitzinger

Martina Leitzinger

Administrator and Accounting

Martina Leitzinger oversees operations and manages appointments and finances. She manages accounting and is available to answer all your business-related questions.

Our values

The Art of Craftsmanship

Knowledge, skill and conviction come from long experience and result in superb craftsmanship.

Stephan Leitzinger combines classical craftsmanship and innovative thinking with his passion for building bassoons.

His talent, ability and passion
for detail create masterpieces.


The bassoons by Stephan Leitzinger are manufactured in steps utilizing a technique that has been perfected over time. Leitzinger works closely with the musician throughout the entire process and honors every demand of the bassoonist.

His passion for music is key to achieving this perfection.


The art of building instruments was created in a traditional setting and passed down to the next generation. This knowledge forms a basis for the dynamics that move development and creates an essential source for innovation.

The Leitzinger bassoons are the visible and audible result of this tradition.